• OCPP compliant full stack software that you can leverage today and start growing your charging network now.
  • The EV Initiative platform is constantly improving and developing new features for our CPOs and Drivers.
  • Let us focus on software development and maintenance, while you focus on the hard part, getting EV plugs in the ground and online.
Back-office: Management
  • Remote monitoring in real time.
  • Tariff control.
  • Admin management.
  • RFID and Driver management.
  • Analytics and Accounting.
Point-of-Sale: Driver App
  • Build and support your brand.
  • Your logo.
  • Your brand colors.
  • Customers interact with your brand.
  • You capture $$ from driver’s charge-sessions.
  • Your charging network.

The EVI driver-app is easy to use and loaded with features.

  • eWallet top-ups are connected to your bank.
  • Charge-sessions are connected to your bank.
  • You own the user experience.
  • Drivers interact with your brand when charging on your network.
  • Generate and manage vouchers.
  • Receipts and reporting are built into the platform.
  • For a live demo, check out app.evinitiative.com
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