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Why EV Initiative

We provide a full-stack interoperable software solution for smart EV charging

EV Initiative provides a full stack software solution that is open, interoperable and future proof.

The EV Initiative operating system includes direct EV roaming via OCPI and integration with roaming hubs like Hubject and GIREVE, payments and billing modules,OpenADR, Plug & Charge and much more.

Our software makes it easy to connect any OCPP-compliant charge point to our software and integrate any external system via our robust API.

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Retail & Commercial

Retail & Commercial



EV Initiative Network Driver App

EV Initiative is an eMobility Service Provider and Charge Port Operator

  • Drivers can keep a balance on their e-wallet app
  • Our network is compatible with all plug-in vehicles
  • Any driver can simply scan the QR code to start charging on our web-app

EV Initiative's Cloud Management

  • Open Charging station hardware connection from any type of provider compatible with OCPP (Open charge point protocol)
  • Operation management console for service partner with interactive statistics
  • Pricing management with the creation of multiple pricing plans for Site Owners
  • Open Billing interface to any type of market ERP
  • Energy management: Distribute power across a group of chargers dynamically depending on usage with load balancing and determine a maximum power output per charger or group of chargers
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From Planning to Implementation

Project Planning

Our team will make it as easy as possible for you to get your chargers in the ground.

Equipment Supply

EV Initiative distributes a variety of charging equipment.


Our team ensures your deployment is performed by one of our certified electricians. We can collaborate with a group that you trust.

Ongoing Management

We provide a fully managed service; access control for drivers, payments, reporting, and routine maintenance.

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Upcoming Features

OCPP 2.0.1 incorporates improvements for things found in the first implementations of OCPP 2.0 during Plugfests and in the field. Improvements have been made in the area of security, ISO 15118, Smart Charging and the extensibility of OCPP. A better explanation of the Device Model has been added as well as several other improvements.
EV Initiaitve’s eRoaming allows the interconnection of charging station operators/networks (CSO) with eMobility providers (EMP) selling services to EV drivers. The EV service platform does manage the authorisation protocol and financial clearing between charging station operators (CSO) and eMobility providers (EMP). This open solution will be open to any other charging station networks (CSO) or any EV driver eMobility providers (EMP). The solution is based on the international Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) used by major EV charging networks and connection to major hubs Hubject and Gireve.
ISO15118 is a standard for vehicle-to-grid communication, specifying the ways the vehicles communicate with charging devices. The standard also defines preconditions for identification with the cable or via Wi-Fi, enabling the charging device and the back-end service to identify the car and its owner when the vehicle is plugged in. Developing a smooth customer experience is our passion, which is why removing one step from the charging event process sounded tempting. We took the ISO15118 standard instructions and made them into a fully functioning product: Plug & Charge by EV Initiative.