Charging Stations

By 2025

Company Description

EV Initiative is a B2B SaaS business; our technology enables Charge Port Operators (CPOs)—third-party organizations that are creating and maintaining EV Charging Networks—to establish their EV-related businesses.

What’s a CPO? The entities growing and maintaining Electric Vehicle (EV) charging networks. CPOs are plenty; utilities, property owners and managers, fleet operators, solar and electrical, quick service restaurants, corporate, hospitality, government. and more.

Our mission is to Enable the Next Generation. We provide the platform for CPOs with EV initiative.

Our offerings:

1. Charge Port Management Software (CPMS) - the operating system for EV Charging Networks, we white label for our customers

2. Point-of-Sale Driver App - white labeled for CPOs

3. EV Initiative Hardware Shop - EV Charging Stations (EVCS) for CPOs

4. Additional services: CPO sales and marketing bundles