To get a sense of the trajectory of the North American EV Market, one should only look at the success that Norway has recently achieved converting its auto fleet to Electric. Supported with generous government subsidies, Norway, one of the largest global petroleum and gas producers, currently boasts 80% of all new vehicle registrations as being electric.

A recent article by AFP has indicated that today one in five cars on Norwegian roads are already Electric. It took 10 years for the Electric fleet to reach 10% of the market, but less than 3 years to reach 20%. Furthermore, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association is projecting that EV share of the market will reach 30% in less than 2 years.

Therefore, it is no surprise, that as automobile manufacturers constantly introduce new EV models, Norway has a strong chance of succeeding in its plan to transition to zero emissions by 2025 even with the planned reduction in government subsidies.


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